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termite nests in the wood plank, termites destroy table, door, and window in the wooden house, termites bite the wood wall, termite burrows, termite hole in the wooden furniture for copy space banner

Five Signs Termites are Invading Your Home

There are few things that strike as much fear in the hearts of homeowners as termite infestations. The bugs thrive on dry wood, and can move in and multiply before you even know they’re there. Door frames, window frames and even the foundation of a home can feed termites by the thousands. By the time […]

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5 Troubleshooting Tips for When Your Smart Home is Anything But

Smart devices are supposed to make our lives easier. When functioning as intended, these tools can make modern living more carefree. When such devices malfunction, however, they can have an opposite effect. Some people give up when faced with confusion or stressful tech challenges, chalking the devices up to being more trouble than they’re worth. […]

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sign danger asbestos and a stack of sheets of asbestos.

Frequently Asked Questions: Asbestos Edition

There are few substances as notorious as asbestos. The group of minerals has earned a reputation for being incredibly dangerous — and for good reason. As a home and commercial property inspector, you can expect lots of questions from homebuyers curious about the threat of asbestos. To prepare you for the inevitable concerns of your […]

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Fall for These Safety Tips This Autumn

The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting cooler. It’s time once again to break out the pumpkin spice, don your favorite plaid and cheer on your favorite football team. While the season is full of fun occasions and traditions, fall is also a time of preparation and precaution. As your household battens down […]

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Have You Thought About a Home Inspecting Niche?

Business Insight: Have You Thought About a Home Inspecting Niche?  Home inspectors are masters of their own domains. Since many work for themselves, they set their own schedules, work hours that fit their lifestyle, and take jobs that fit their interests. This freedom comes at a cost, though; home inspectors must drive business with little […]

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Tools Used by Home Inspectors

Home inspection is an exciting and rewarding profession that provides virtually unlimited career opportunities to inspectors with the right credentials. The best way to receive the training needed to become a certified home inspector is through Inspection Certification Associates’ Home Inspector Online Training Course. To learn more about life as a professional home inspector, check […]

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5 Factors to Consider When Inspecting an Attic

When you’re doing a home inspection, the attic is a critically important part. Why? Because it shows you the underside of the roof, and the roof is one of the most expensive parts of a house to replace. Since home inspectors are rarely required to climb on a roof, they can only inspect it from […]

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How to Become a Home Inspector in Your Spare Time

You may think going to home inspection school would be too demanding if you already work a full-time job. But the truth is, training for this certification is easy and convenient. Learning anything new has traditionally meant attending classes at a set time and location. Such a schedule can be stressful for adult students who […]

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