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4 Ways to Determine the Age of a House

  The general age of a house might be obvious to you. Then again, it might not. Where you can reasonably assume that a house in a new development was built within the last few years, it’s not as easy with older properties. The reason why it’s important to know the age of a house, […]

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Is There a Niche for Green Home Inspectors?

  The green movement affects almost every aspect of the real estate industry. There’s green building materials, green energy, and even green decorative paint. In a world where ecologically sound materials and components are increasingly important, there might be a niche for you to broaden your reach. Here are a few reasons why expanding your […]

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Common Defects Found in Older Homes

  New homes aren’t perfect, but older homes sometimes have special issues. And some of those issues carry a health or safety risk. All hazards are important, but you should be especially aware of those that commonly plague houses built before the mid 1980s. Here are a few of the things that you should watch […]

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