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Not all home inspection training schools are the same. If you’re considering a new career as a certified home inspector, it’s important to compare the various training schools and assess the types of instruction they offer.

It wasn’t long ago that most home inspection instruction took place in classrooms. Training typically involved week-long, 10-hour day crash courses or spending one night a week for several months at a local community college or similar venue. Online instruction was virtually unheard of at the time. The advent and extraordinary growth of the Internet in recent years, however, has changed that. Today, students are trained online in virtually every subject or discipline, including home inspection schooling and certification.

Although many home inspection training schools continue to offer classroom training, online home inspection instruction is rapidly gaining in popularity, and with good reason. Inspection Certification Associates is leading the way.

Online Home Inspector Training through ICA

Week-long, intense classroom training tries to cover too much material in too little time, which can make it difficult for students to keep up with their instructors. The result is that much of the information needed to pass the National Home Inspector Examination or other tests some states require to become licensed home inspectors isn’t adequately absorbed and retained. Students taking classes that meet only once a week over several months tend to forget material covered in previous lessons.

The following hypothetical examples highlight why it’s best to choose online home inspection training vs. classroom home inspection courses:

  • Intense, Short-Term Classroom Training. Your state requires 80 hours of training to become a licensed home inspector. You’ve enrolled in a classroom home inspection program that meets 10 hours a day for eight consecutive days. On the third day, the instructor covers the theory of electricity and how to conduct electrical inspections, which are subjects that by their very nature are technical. Reflecting back on the lesson after the class is over for the evening, you realize you’re thoroughly confused and understand only part of the material the instructor covered. This is because the amount of information the human mind can absorb in a single session is limited. This is especially true for an adult seated behind a desk 10 hours a day for eight straight days.

Classroom training is designed to cram lots of information into very little time. The instructor can’t afford stopping to explain or repeat the parts of the electrical section that you’re having trouble understanding. The result is that after completing the course, you won’t be fully prepared to sit for and pass the national or state home inspector exam that’s needed for you to receive your home inspector’s license.

When you choose Inspection Certification Associates’ online home inspection course, it’s easy to review any of the 28 training modules as often as you like. All class materials are available online 24/7, which means you can complete the online home inspection course working at your own pace using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. What’s more, ICA instructors, all of whom are professional home inspectors, are always available to answer questions and otherwise assist you, even after you graduate and are actively conducting your own home inspections. ICA’s online home inspection course will give you the knowledge and self-confidence you need to be fully prepared to sit for and pass the home inspector’s exam.

  • Classroom Instruction Taken Over an Extended Period of Time. Your home inspector training class meets for three hours each Wednesday evening over a period of several months. During the time between classes, it’s easy to forget some of what’s been covered, especially toward the end of the term. Again, the result is not being fully prepared to sit for the state and national home inspector exams.

A major advantage of online vs. classroom home inspection classes is that students learn at their own pace rather than simply try to keep up with the classroom instructor. Being able to access all training materials online any time and anywhere there’s an Internet connection also means there’s no need to take time away from your current job or worry about missing important training material due to scheduling conflicts, illness or other unforeseen events

  • Online Home Inspector Training. ICA’s online home inspection course consists of 28 training modules, each of which addresses a specific topic. If you’re having trouble with portions of a particular lesson or lessons, simply revisit the module. Go over the material as many times as needed to understand and absorb what’s being taught, which wouldn’t be possible in a classroom environment. If you continue to have trouble understanding the material, just give us a call or send us an email, and one of our instructors will provide the assistance you need. This support will continue to be available to you after you’ve completed your training and received your certification.

Classroom home inspection courses sometimes don’t attract enough students to economically justify their being held. We often hear from people who sign up for a classroom home inspection training course that shortly before the instruction is ready to begin that the class has been canceled. Had they enrolled in ICA’s online home inspector class, training could have begun as early as that same day.

Another reason to choose Inspection Certification Associate’s online home inspection training over classroom instruction is for free refresher training. Most other home inspector training schools charge graduates for follow-up classes, but not ICA. Our graduates have free lifetime access to our online refresher training classes and other instructional resources. Our materials are constantly being updated, which means you’ll always be able to keep current on the latest industry trends and techniques.

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