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Online Home Inspection Training VS Classroom Home Inspection Training

When evaluating home inspection training programs there are two primary home inspection course types – online home inspection training and classroom home inspection training. Even as recently as the year 2000, most home inspection training was done in a classroom environment. The internet was still in its infancy and online training courses were barely heard of in all but a few professions.

At that time most classroom home inspection courses were either one week long crash courses for 10 hours per day, or one night per week for 6 months at a local community college.

The problem with those classroom home inspection training options for individuals looking to become a home inspector, is that it is very easy to lose information. That may sound odd but here’s few examples.

Example 1: You are enrolled in a home inspection training course that is 8 days in length for 10 hours per day. On day 3 the instructor covers electrical inspection. The human mind can only absorb so much information at one time and for an adult learner to sit behind a desk for 10 hours and remember everything he or she reads is a lot to ask. You might get home after day 3 and look in the mirror and come to the realization that you only remember 25% of the electrical home inspection material that was covered that day in class. You can’t very well go into your home inspection training class the next day and ask the instructor to go over all of the electrical inspection information again. He needs to move on to plumbing, or whatever home inspection topic was to be covered on day 4.

Example 2: You are enrolled in a home inspection training course that meets three hours per week on Wednesday nights for 6 months at your local community college. Can you go a week in between courses without forgetting any material covered the previous week? Maybe. Can you do that for 26 Wednesdays in a row? Doubtful.

Both of these classroom options are still available today for individuals who want to become a home inspector. That said, they are not available through our school. We focus all of our efforts on making sure we have the number one online home inspection course in the industry. The main advantage of online home inspection training compared to classroom home inspection training, is that the training is at your own pace rather than whatever arbitrary pace the instructor chooses in a classroom environment.

Example: You are taking our online home inspection course, which is broken up into 28 modules. You get done watching one of our electrical inspection modules. You take the quiz that goes along with that module. You come to the conclusion that you didn’t retain as much of the information in that module as you would have liked. Not a problem. You can go back through that electrical module and any other module as many times as you’d like. That’s what we mean by taking the course at your own pace, rather than some instructor’s pace.

And the best part is, we’re here to help you every step of the way if you have questions during our online home inspection training course. You can contact our home inspection support staff via phone or email anytime you have questions on the course material. You can even contact us if you are on an inspection and have questions. Our home inspection support continues both during and after you complete our online home inspection training course.

Quite often we hear from folks who signed up for a classroom home inspection course, then they waited around 3 months for the class start date only to get a call two days before telling them that the class was cancelled for one reason or another.  See, sometimes these home inspection classroom course don’t get enough students so they end up having to cancel them.  At that point the student is kicking themselves because they could have signed up for our online home inspection course and already be out there performing home inspections by that time.

So, one question you definitely should consider when deciding whether you would prefer an online home inspection training course or a classroom home inspection training course is which one will get you out there performing home inspections more quickly.  Because, let’s face it, time is money.  In this case literally.  Most new home inspectors like the fact that they can take our online home inspection course and be out there inspecting within a month or two.  If you wait around for some classroom course to start that might set you back a month or two.  That’s a month or two that you could have been inspecting homes and making money.  That month or two of lost home inspections more than likely cost you several thousand dollars.

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