Well and Septic Inspections – NC CE


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Course Number: CEC633
CE Hours: 2

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Course Details
Our Well and Septic Inspection Course is an online training program we have developed to teach home inspectors the health, safety, and welfare issues surrounding Well and Septic Inspection as part of the home inspection process. Home inspectors who complete this course will learn how to perform well water testing, details surrounding well water testing procedures, and what to do if you detect the presence of bacteria or pollutants while performing your well water testing as part of a home inspection. The septic system inspection training is necessary to learn both the fundamentals and latest techniques used to spot problems. The septic tank inspection portion of the course is an excellent opportunity for both new and experienced inspectors to delve deeper into the intricacies of septic inspection.

Course Outline

  1. Part One, 5 minutes
    1. Well Inspections Module One
      1. Geology
        1. Dug/Bored Wells
        2. Driven Wells
        3. Drilled Wells
      2. Types of Water Sources
        1. Water Table
        2. Unconfined Aquifer
        3. Confined Aquifer
    2. Part One Quiz
  2. Part Two, 5 minutes
    1. Well Inspections Module Two
      1. Well Location
        1. Setbacks from source contamination
      2. Well Components
    2. Part Two Quiz
  3. Part Three, 10 minutes
    1. Well Inspections Module Three 10 minutes
      1. Storage Tank
      2. Sizing a well pump
      3. Addressing low water capacity
      4. Types of contamination
    2. Part Three Quiz
  4. Part Four, 10 minutes
    1. Well Inspections Module Four
      1. Filtration
        1. Filtration vs. Treatment
        2. Locations of filtration
        3. Process of filtration
        4. Types of membranes
        5. Distillation
        6. Water softeners
        7. Disinfection
        8. Oxidizers
        9. UV light
    2. Part Four Quiz
  5. Part Five, 15 minutes
    1. Well Inspections Module Five
      1. Well Inspection Report Writing
        1. Client information
        2. Well log
        3. Well history
        4. Site characteristics
        5. Well components
        6. System schematic
        7. Testing the water quality
        8. Flow and yield testing
        9. FHA water and termite treatment
        10. Shared wells
        11. National Primary Drinking Requirements by the EPA
    2. Part Five Quiz
  6. Part Six, 25 minutes
    1. Septic Inspections Module Six
      1. Septic Standards of Practice
      2. Auxiliary services
      3. Fees
      4. Code of Ethics
      5. Why is it important as a home inspector to know about septic systems?
    2. Part Six Quiz
  7. Part Seven, 15 minutes
    1. Septic Inspections Module Seven
      1. Why have a septic system?
      2. How do septic systems work?
    2. Part Seven Quiz
  8. Part Eight, 15 minutes
    1. Septic Inspections Module Eight
      1. What should a septic system inspection entail?
      2. Two types of inspections:
        1. Functioning maintenance inspection
        2. Routine maintenance inspection
      3. Who might ask for a septic inspection?
    2. Part Eight Quiz