How to Become a Home Inspector in Your Spare Time

How to become a home inspector

You may think going to home inspection school would be too demanding if you already work a full-time job. But the truth is, training for this certification is easy and convenient.

Learning anything new has traditionally meant attending classes at a set time and location. Such a schedule can be stressful for adult students who must juggle other responsibilities, such as a full-time job or taking care of a family. But with the proliferation of online classes, getting a degree or certification has become markedly simpler.

In fact, you can go to home inspection school in your spare time. The coursework is set up so that you can learn at your own pace and you don’t have to take the exam until you feel confident that you have adequately learned the material. This timetable takes the lion’s share of the pressure off students who may encounter difficulties such as a busy period at work, illness, or another event that takes up their time unexpectedly. You don’t have to worry about missing a lecture or turning in work late because you complete the coursework at a rate with which you are comfortable.

Do You Have Time to Become a Home Inspector?

The truth is, most people have a fair amount of free time, even if they aren’t always sure when they will have it. Think about how much Netflix you’ve watched or how much time you’ve spent online playing games, shopping, or on Facebook recently. What if you had used that time to get your home inspector certification instead? When you look at it this way, you begin to understand how valuable your time is.

Also, when you enroll in our course, you can access the materials from any device — desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So much of your days may be wasted waiting in lines, riding public transportation, or arriving early for a meeting that starts late. You could use this time to get closer to your goal of becoming a home inspector.

How to become a home inspector

You can simply watch the streaming video for the course, and if you need more information or clarification on any topic, you can use our free online library.

Become a Home Inspector in Your Spare Time

The course takes 120 hours to complete, and those who pursue the certification full-time often finish in three or four weeks. But we impose no timetable on you; you decide how much time you have each week to devote to learning.

Considering the ease and convenience of self-paced learning, you may wonder, are there any disadvantages to this type of study?

A Vanderbilt University post says one disadvantage of self-paced learning is isolation. Instead of attending classes with other students, you are at home, by yourself, learning by watching videos and listening to lectures. There is no interaction with other students.

While this can be isolating for the traditional college student, studying to become a home inspector is different, because it is only 120 hours of study, not four years. This is comparable to the number of hours you might spend on leisure activities, pursuits that do nothing to improve your financial situation.

Commit to Earning Home Inspector Certification

The study also mentions that self-directed learners must be disciplined and dedicated to succeed. It’s true that some people perform better if they have others around them to motivate them. This is the theory behind exercise classes. You feel a certain pressure from being a class with others, even if they are strangers. You wouldn’t quit halfway through the class the way you might with an exercise video you do at home, so you stick with it. Or you might have a walking buddy in your neighborhood, and you walk even when you aren’t in the mood because you don’t want to disappoint your buddy.

While having others around you can be motivating, the benefits of a flexible learning schedule for those with full-time jobs or other compelling responsibilities outweigh these considerations.

If you’re ready to use some of your spare time to become a home inspector, enroll online with ICA today. It’s easy, and you will quickly be on the path to a new and rewarding career or side business.


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