Thought Leader Series: Use the Internet to Prove You’re a Home Inspection Expert

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Graham Jones is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Buckingham and an Associate Lecturer at The Open University in the UK. Jones, B.Sc., B.A., Adv.Dip.Ed., MBPsS, M.Ed. M.Sc., is a qualified psychologist, the author of 32 books, and an award-winning writer and speaker who contributes regularly to a wide range of publications and speaks at conferences and events around the world.

You know you’re a great home inspection expert. Your existing clients know that, too. But what about those potential clients you want to impress? How do they know whether or not to trust you?

Think Like Your Customers

When an individual uses your services, an element of risk is involved. Until customers have used your services, they have no real idea of how good you are at your job – and how well you’ll look after their needs. Every customer is taking a bit of a gamble.

Indeed, every purchase we make, even in the supermarket, involves risk. After all, those luscious-looking strawberries in the produce section may look appealing, but when you buy them, there’s always the chance that you got fruit that isn’t ripe – or is far past its ideal ripeness.

Similarly, when you order a meal in a restaurant, you are taking a financial risk. Will the food be exactly as described in the menu? Will you like it? Will the chef have taken good hygiene measures? These questions may not consciously go through a diner’s mind, but they’re lurking there, in the background.

Your Customers Want to Reduce Risk

Every service or produce we buy involves some degree of risk. Your brain works hard – mostly subconsciously – to help you minimize that risk. For example, you pick up a melon in the supermarket and gently squeeze to get an idea of its ripeness. Or you only go to restaurants recommended to you by people whose opinions you value.

Likewise, when people need home inspection services, they take steps to avoid risking getting these services from someone who doesn’t measure up.

Internet Reputation

These days, one of the chief ways individuals find the service provider they need is accessing the Internet. There are several ways you can prove your expertise and maintain a great reputation online.

Home inspection

People are searching for experts, not just qualified individuals

Social Media

One significant way to establish a positive online presence is to set up and regularly post on social media, with the goal of having as many followers or connections as possible. For example, if you have a Twitter account with only a dozen followers, your potential clients won’t be as impressed as if that number were in the hundreds. That’s due to the psychology of “social proof”; we tend to be attracted to products and services that other people like. When there’s little social proof, we’re less included to buy.

Blog Away!

Establish expertise and build even more trust through blogging. A Texas A&M University study found a positive relationship between blogging and the customers’ trust levels. However, it all rather depends upon what you blog about.

If all you do is blog about your business, people will tend not to trust you because you’ll appear self-centered. However, when you blog about your subject and specialist area – home inspections – you demonstrate your knowledge and experience, which builds trust and credibility in your service. Even if visitors don’t read your blog in detail, you’ll still be displaying that you understand the topic. The more you blog, the more you demonstrate your expertise.

Your blog posts can also be shared on your social networks. This increases your profile, further emphasizing your capabilities, and it has another psychological impact on potential clients. When you blog regularly and share those posts on social media, people will start seeing your name in various places. This repetition will keep you and your business in the minds of possible clients.

Follow the above pointers, and you’ll be sure to prove your expertise in home inspection!

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