Thought Leader Series: How to Create a Successful Home Inspection Business

Home inspection business

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With a median salary of $53,450 and the top 10% earning over $80,000, becoming a home inspector is an attractive career option. Another positive aspect of entering the home inspection industry is the ability to be an independent contractor, a business owner, and one’s own boss.

As with any business, the question is how to break into the market and generate business.

Build a Reputation

One integral part of becoming a successful home inspector is building a positive reputation within the industry, particularly in the local region. By providing excellent service with the following attributes, home inspectors will build a word-of-mouth brand.

  • Tag-Along Invite: Home inspectors should consider invite clients to attend the inspection. Making customers part of the process and explaining what is being inspected will create a high level of trust between inspector and client.
  • Be Thorough: While everyone is busy and enjoys tasks getting done quickly, an inspection on a very expensive purchase that someone may live in for decades is the time to be meticulous and thorough. Home inspectors should communicate this to clients, which may foster feelings that the inspector holds the client’s best interest as a priority.
  • Be Expedient: The home inspection is usually one of the last hurdles before a potential home-buyer can close the purchase. Clients are anxious to get the report back; thus, a quick turnaround time is much appreciated and is a great attribute for a home inspector to have.
  • Highlight Expertise: An inspector may have previously been employed in the construction business, for example, as either a contractor or a skilled laborer. If this is the case, and you have additional knowledge and experience beyond home inspection, communicating that to clients will make you stand out from the competition.

Home inspection business

It’s All About the Network

Most home-buyers go through real estate agents to look for a new home. Since real estate agents work on commission, and securing financing for a home usually requires a home inspection, it makes sense that real estate agents generate a lot of business for home inspectors. Real estate agents commonly have a list of home inspectors that they refer to their clients. With a little hustle, home inspectors can get on agents’ referral lists.

  • Home Shows: People from every aspect of the home construction business attend home improvement shows. Inspectors should attend one at least annually. Come prepared with a stack of business cards to hand out to help get your name circulating.
  • The Drop-In: An inspector can also get his or her name into real estate agents’ hands by visiting their offices, again with business cards in hand, letting them know that his or her home inspection services are available if needed.

By building a positive reputation and then using that reputation to build a referral network, new home inspectors can lay the foundation for a long and profitable career.

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