Is Home Inspection a Good Second Career?

You may already be committed to a day job, but finding the perfect side job provides new opportunities. If you are considering a home inspector second career, you first need to determine that this is the best choice.

Any second career has its challenges, especially if you ever feel torn between two options. Home inspectors often love the freedom and independence offered in this career path, as well as the ability to focus on a niche.

As you explore the option of a second career, learning more about home inspection will help you take the next steps.

Home inspector second career

Home inspection makes a great second career for those with a passion for real estate or construction.

Understand the Role of a Home Inspector

Home inspectors are tasked with looking at structures, from insulation to foundation. As a home inspector, you will look at plumbing, electrical systems, heating setups, chimneys, and more. You will then report the findings as necessary.

Your role as a home inspector is to help people make informed decisions about homes and to pinpoint potential structural issues. You will play a crucial role in the real estate transaction.

Which Skills Do You Need as a Home Inspector?

Working as a home inspector as a second career is perfect for somebody who already works in real estate or who already has knowledge of the construction industry. The information you already possess will stick with you as you embark on a new career.

Risk management is essential for protecting yourself and your other career. Because inspectors can be sued by their clients, you will need insurance to protect your legal liability. Additionally, many home inspectors consider incorporating into LLCs early on to protect their assets in the event that issues arise. This step becomes all the more crucial if you own another business as part of your day job.

Professional investment is essential for any business, but especially for a home inspector. You may not need a storefront, but you do still need to focus on other financial investments, like marketing and certification. Understanding the financial cost of your second career helps you plan accordingly.

This investment of time also extends to marketing plans and social media. From building a professional website to discovering personal referrals, meeting your goals is a key component in becoming ultimately successful in your second career.

Home inspector second career

Studying to pursue a new career has its hurdles, but the finish line awaits.

Pursuing Your Second Career

If you are willing to take on additional training, you may find this second career to be fulfilling. Education becomes all the more important as you consider taking steps forward in a new direction. In fact, you may even need the education to become certified in your state.

Pursuing a second career as a home inspector is possible, though you may find it challenging without the right tools. Pursuing continuing education courses is one way to jump the hurdles. Enroll now in a course that helps you find your path.

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