4 Reasons to Join a State Home Inspector Association

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What’s so great about a state-level home inspector association, anyway? Plenty. Many home inspectors join one of the major national associations. But many states have their own associations, too. For example, Kentucky has KREIA and California has CREIA.

We never said their acronyms had to be clever.

Benefits of a state association membership are similar to those at the national level, but with perks that are closer to home (literally and figuratively). If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the investment, here are 4 reasons why we recommend checking out the local scene.

#1: State-Level Home Associations Know Local Customers

What’s the best way to learn about customers where you work? Talk with local home inspectors. You can learn a lot from inspectors from all across the country. But the ones who do business in your market have the inside track on community expectations, trends and even pricing.

Customer expectations may vary from one market to the next. With a state-level membership, you’ll have access to information that makes you a better inspector for the customers you serve.

#2: Gain Relevant Continuing Education

Every national home inspection association offers continuing education opportunities. But those offered at the state level deal with issues that matter to you and your customer base.

If you’re worried about whether local education will keep up with CE requirements, here’s what KREIA‘s Mike Hesterberg has to say:

“KREIA has been instrumental in providing members of KREIA the ability to obtain a quality local education that has been accepted by multiple National Associations in the past years.”

#3: Network With and Learn From Local Pros

Networking is one of the strongest ways to build a new home inspection business. When your network is close to home, you could learn from their successes and failure and perhaps even gain more referred customers.

National associations are great for networking, too. But local connections can become lifelong professional friends and partners in success.

Home inspector

Working together, local home inspectors make the industry stronger.

#4: Get Valuable Guidance in States Without Licensing

Not every state offers licensure for home inspectors. And that can leave some fledgling inspectors with little direction. A state association membership fills in performance gaps that can grow from too few guidelines at the local level.

All national home inspector associations have a code of ethics and Standards of Practice. Most, if not all, state associations do, too. For inspectors who aren’t governed by a state or local regulatory body, a local association helps protect both inspectors and their customers.

Chances are, you’ll want to join one of the major national home inspection associations such as ASHI once you graduate from ICA School. But many states have their own associations, too. There’s no reason to limit yourself to one membership, not when there’s so much to gain from meeting, working and networking with inspectors in your area.

ICA School gives you the education you need to start off your career on the right foot. But that’s just the beginning. There’s so much to learn about the job and the local market where you’ll do business. Are you ready to begin? Enroll now and start learning today.

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