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What Virginia Home Inspectors Need to Know About the New Licensing Requirements

For as long as home inspecting has been a viable industry, Virginians have operated under unique standards. Inspectors had some regulation, but licensing wasn’t part of becoming a home inspector. Certification later became an option, but licensing was still up for debate. As of July 1, 2017, the times are changing. New legislation in the […]

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Expert Interview Series: Allison Paul of California Homebuilding Foundation on the State of the Golden State’s Construction Industry

Allison directs the operations of CHF’s CIRB (Construction Industry Research Board) Report and facilitates all media and public relations for both CIRB and the foundation. We recently spoke with Allison to get a clearer picture of the construction industry right now in California. What precisely does CIRB do? CIRB is the industry’s most accurate and reliable […]

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Home Inspecting 101: What’s it All About?

So you’re thinking about becoming certified home inspector? That’s great! It also means there’s a lot to learn. Even for contractors with years of experience building and renovating houses, home inspecting is different. Here’s a quick primer on what home inspecting is and what it isn’t. Home Inspections and Appraisals are Different Plenty of homeowners […]

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