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Home Inspection Facts: What is High-Velocity Air Conditioning?

What’s cool, powerful and fits all over? High-velocity air conditioning, that’s what. This system is robust, compact, and in many homes, can cool more efficiently than a traditional air conditioning system. If you’ve never encountered one before, here’s what you need to know. High-Velocity Systems Have Unobtrusive Vents Like any conventional air conditioning system, a […]

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Here’s How a Certified Home Inspector Defines Defects and Material Defects

Defects and material defects aren’t necessarily the same thing to a certified home inspector. Generally, inspectors focus on locating material defects. But what’s the difference, and does it matter? Defects mean something isn’t as it should be. It’s broken. It’s damaged. It’s defective. But a material defect takes the idea one step further. It refers […]

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